…the Gazing of the Waters

The people of Atlán can summon images in a still body of water, observing events of the past or in distant lands.  While most Atlans need the assistance of powders and incantations, Rhuna is able to summon visions without them. 

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​AWESOME!  AWESOME!  AWESOME!!! - Debrah Price, amazon reviewer of Box Set (Books 1 -3)


...to Mystical Worlds 
The RHUNA series is an intoxicating blend of ancient history, legends and New Age themes such as the advanced civilization of Atlantis, psychic abilities and astral travel. 


...Fascinating Characters
Join Rhuna as she explores the mystical ancient world with her multi-cultural family and friends, meeting a great variety of people from different cultures, as well as unique individuals with exceptional powers and knowledge.

a Woman called Keeper of Wisdom
When Rhuna came of age she was given a formal Atlan name that suited her attributes.  But the path to true wisdom is fraught with life-threatening danger, enormous challenges and personal sacrifices.  

…the sinister Dark Master and His Followers

Once revered as a prominent Master of Atlan knowledge and power, he rises up to challenge the principles that govern the Atlan Empire.  His persuasive speeches and impressive demonstrations of power attract leagues of followers wherever he goes, but is it enough to satisfy his lust for power?


...the Magic of Another Time  

​​The past is steeped in magic and mystical beliefs, and Rhuna’s adventures across the ancient world are full of surprises, challenges and personal enlightenment.

…the Ancient Empire of Atlán

Like the legendary Atlantis, this ancient Empire held the world’s greatest knowledge and most advanced technology, tempering its power with spiritual insight and enlightenment.  The Atlans enjoy a harmonious and peaceful utopian society until one of their own foremost Masters rebels…