"I loved the author's writing style as she has a way of creating a wonderful atmosphere that drew me in.    It kept me absorbed in the world of the characters." Sarah, Goodreads

"...weaves a mystical tale of ethereal beauty..." - Barry, Amazon.com

Welcometo Rhuna Fantasy Books - a unique and exciting new series by Australian author, Barbara Underwood.

Rhuna lives in the mystical past when an idyllic and highly advanced civilization - like Atlantis - flourished and  ruled most of the world. 

She is still a young girl when she learns of her Atlan heritage and that she has special powers, such as transforming elements:  sand to stone, metal to gold... and much, much more!

But a sinister force casts a shadow on this Utopia - a rebel known as The Dark Master, who began using his extraordinary powers for selfish pursuits.

 Follow Rhuna on her adventure from young teenager learning Atlan ways, to becoming a Healer and qualified Atlan Master with superior  powers, as she journeys around the world in her quest to defeat the Dark Master and his legacy!

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"The story line is intriguing, new and keeps the reader glued to the pages with historical facts of ancient cultures...I would read any book from this author because of her style and the way she tells a story.    This story is interesting, fascinating and very well written. "  -   Erika, Goodreads

"The writing in the book is superb and the world building unique and thorough." - Heather, Goodreads