Welcome  to Rhuna Fantasy Books - a unique and exciting new series by Australian author, Barbara Underwood.

Rhuna lives in the mystical past when an idyllic and highly advanced civilization - like Atlantis - flourished and  ruled most of the world. 

She is still a young girl when she learns of her Atlan heritage and that she has special powers, such as transforming elements:  sand to stone, metal to gold... and much, much more!

But a sinister force casts a shadow on this Utopia - a rebel known as The Dark Master, who began using his extraordinary powers for selfish pursuits.

 Follow Rhuna on her adventure from young teenager learning Atlan ways, to becoming a Healer and qualified Atlan Master with superior  powers, as she journeys around the world in her quest to defeat the Dark Master and his legacy!

Please enjoy these two-minute book trailers with beautiful images and atmospheric music!

​AWESOME!  AWESOME!  AWESOME!!! - Debrah Price, amazon reviewer of Box Set (Books 1 -3)