Hi there!

Thanks for looking in!   I really appreciate your interest in my books because as an author, that's what it's all about:  finding people who enjoy reading my books!   If not for people like you, I couldn't write the RHUNA series!

​So, to show my appreciation for your support, I'm organizing a special Launch Team for my next book, Rhuna: New Horizons - the fourth book in the series.    We'll both get something out of it for a bit of effort we put in.  Here's how it works:

​I'll be sending a digital version of the new book to members of the Launch Team about a month before the book is officially released.   That means you get to read the book first, before anyone else, and for FREE!

​In return, all I'd like to ask you to do is write a short review (or a long one, if you're so inclined!) on amazon.com,  OR just write a review that I can put here on my website on the book's release date.  This will give the new book a huge boost, which means more books in the series for you to read in the future!

PLUS: to show my appreciation for your help, members of the Launch Team can enter exclusive giveaways (only for members) such as amazon gift cards and signed paperbacks in the RHUNA series.  There will be several ongoing giveaways, because once you join the Launch Team, I'll give you special offers and privileges that no one else gets. 

​Just click on the button below to get to a page where you enter your first name and email address so that I can contact you with further details about the Advance Readers Copy and giveaways.

​Any questions, please feel free to ask me using the Contact page.  Thank you!!