The Dark Master knew Rhuna and other Atlans would try to destroy his city, so he established a law that any Atlan entering the city should be killed!

Despite this horrible law, Rhuna ventures to the Black City, but how can she defeat the Dark Master and a city full of his followers?

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“What we see in our present time is the result of what the Dark One did eight hundred solar cycles in the past,” Mohandu concluded with a sharp nod of comprehension.  “And the city seemed to appear in an instant in the middle of the wilderness because it did not exist until the Dark One stepped back in time!”  Mohandu grinned triumphantly at his sudden grasp of this conundrum.

“Whatever he did when he first arrived there has had all these generations to grow,” Aradin said with a deepening frown as he pondered his own words.

“And that is why the city continues to change in our present time,” Yarqi said, her piercing black eyes staring at the bowl Damell had used as an illustration.  “Whatever the Dark Master does in the past appears in our present time.”

Shandi stopped playing with her eating utensil and looked up at the adults around her.  “He is from our time,” she stated, and then quickly returned to her game with a spoon. 

Rhuna looked at Aradin and then at her father.  “We should remember her words,” Rhuna said softly.  “Even when it makes no sense to us at first, her words always prove to be important to our understanding.”

Everyone looked at Shandi in silence for a long moment, watching the innocent child trace an imaginary pattern on the table with her spoon.

“Yes…” Damell said slowly.  “The Dark One is from our time, yet he has entered a different time period in the past, and this is the reason his actions change the course of events that were recorded in oral and written histories.”

Rhuna recalled the first time she and the Record-Keeping League of Masters had seen such an historic text change before their very eyes.  The sheer terror she experienced at witnessing such an unnatural phenomenon resurfaced, and she quickly pushed the memory aside.

 “We have learned from the changed records in the Depository of Archival Texts that the lives of various people have been drastically changed,” Aradin said solemnly.  “Perhaps lives even extinguished when a new course of events crashed through time…”

 “He has truly broken the fibre of time, as the League of Record-Keeping Masters have said,” Lozira concluded with a solemn expression.

“Breaking time!” Shandi interjected as she paused briefly from her little game.

“Yes, Shandi said it first a long time ago already, before we understood what she meant,” Rhuna said with awe. 

An uneasy stillness fell upon the room, and Rhuna felt the tension escalate as they grappled with the potential outcome of the Dark Master’s destructive actions. 

“We must act decisively right now, while the city can still be contained!” Goram suddenly gushed, shattering the unnerving silence.  “Before the breaking of time destroys the world as we know it!”  Goram thumped his fist on the table for emphasis.

It looks like the only way to stop the Dark Master  and his Black City is to build a time portal and follow him into the distant past.  

Rhuna: Black City

As Rhuna learns about seeing people's auras, a distressing emotional drama is unfolding within her family.   Has Goram lost his mind?  Will he leave Lozira and cause turmoil in Rhuna's new home?

While Rhuna and her family and friends come to terms with the stunning outcome, a new threat looms on the horizon.

Rhuna is faced with the greatest challenge yet as her nemesis, The Dark Master, eludes his pursuers by building a time portal and stepping eight centuries into the past where his devious plans have no bounds.  He establishes a city in a remote part of the world, but everything he does in the past has terrible and far-reaching consequences in Rhuna’s present time.

Together with her family and friends, Rhuna attempts to learn more about the Dark Master’s Black City, and find a way to stop both him and the horrible fall-out of his selfish and ruthless rulership.   But even with the help of several representatives sent by the High Council of Atlán in an attempt to thwart the Dark Master’s sinister threat to the peaceful known world, Rhuna realizes the only solution will be a very drastic one. 

As Rhuna develops her skills to read people’s auras and learns the Great Secrets of the First Atlans, she is confronted by the possibility of losing a member of her family.  At the same time, a strange new threat emerges from a distant land that affects Rhuna directly, distracting her from seeing a way to end the death and violence in the Black City.

More about Rhuna: Black City

Strange and unexplained phenomena occur regularly in the Black City, frightening and puzzling visitors and even some inhabitants.  Buildings appear or disappear in the blink of an eye, and sometimes they appear to be melded together!  It is an uncanny jumble of discordant buildings, and the ugliest one is the black monstrosity called "The Conflux".  Rhuna learns it was built to honour the Dark Master - known to everyone as The Immortal One.