Some years have passed, and Rhuna has a teenage daughter who accompanies her on an assignment to Ancient Egypt to investigate  some disturbing reports.     

She soon discovers an astonishing underground network of the Dark Master's followers, along with the secret group of Atlans dedicated to stopping them.

In the process of trying to carry out her assignment, Rhuna is confronted with enormous challenges which could drastically change her entire life and everything she has ever believed in!

More about Rhuna: Crossroads

The second book in the series takes place nearly 20 years later, when Rhuna is the mother of a teenage daughter, and has matured to a point where she begins to yearn for new challenges and an adventure.   So, when an Atlan scout reports strange events in Ancient Egypt, a colony of the Atlan Empire, Rhuna embarks on the long voyage to investigate.  She takes her daughter, Lozira, with her, while Tozar stays behind.

​In Egypt, the land of the famous Atlan-built pyramids, Rhuna encounters people and events that completely change her life.  The beginnings of evil, of Black Magic and sorcery are explored in this book, and Rhuna learns, to her horror, that the Dark Master has many keen followers who continue his secret and sinister ways.  In order to investigate and fully understand these followers, however, Rhuna must compromise her Atlan standards.  But this is just the beginning of her worries!

Not only does her sanity come into question by Tozar and fellow Atlan Council members, but her personal life is thrown into turmoil when she falls in love with another man!

​Circumstances conspire against Rhuna, so that she is unable to reveal the entire truth of her experiences and findings to Tozar, bringing her entire reputation into disrepute.  Along the way, her powers increase dramatically, causing damage and harm around her.

​The dramatic climax holds a great surprise for Rhuna, which carries forth into the next and third book, "Rhuna, The Star Child."

​​​Rhuna: Crossroads