“It is perfect!” he said triumphantly, and kneeled down next to the water.  “Be seated near me, Rhuna, and observe.”
   Rhuna sat down on the surrounding rocks and wondered what he would do.
   He removed a small cloth pouch from within his robe, pulled open the draw strings and gently removed a glimmering container about the size of his thumb.  Rhuna watched intently as he delicately remove its lid. 
   He stretched his hand with the small container over the pool of water, closed his eyes as if in deep concentration, then spoke several foreign words that Rhuna didn’t understand while sprinkling some of the powdery contents of the container over the water.  The process lasted only a moment, but Rhuna sat mesmerized as she watched.  When he opened his eyes again, he immediately looked down at the water and fixed his sight on it. 
Rhuna gently moved forward to see what Tozar was looking at in the small rock pool.  At first she thought she saw only their own reflections, but then she realized there were three faces, and two of them were Sunshine on the Mountain and Rumble in the Earth. 
   “What is this, Tozar?” Rhuna whispered loudly.  “Why are those two Masters in the water’s reflection?”
   “They discuss the making of the statues here on this island,” he said slowly.  “Watch and listen carefully,” he said softly.
   Rhuna moved closer to Tozar so that she could see the images clearly, and then she recognized the cooking area where she had sat with the two Masters.  She watched the three men sitting on the wooden seats talking to each other.  Sunshine of the Mountain waved his arms and hands around boisterously, while Rumble in the Earth looked angrier than usual. 
   “We have received such communication directly from Atlán, and yet you continue!” grumbled Rumble in the Earth as he spoke to the third man who Rhuna had seen making the statues.  She was surprised that she could hear them speaking through the small body of water.
   “They are far away!” she heard the third man reply, then watched as he dismissed the discussion with a wave of his long arm. 
   Tozar sat back on his heels and sighed.  Rhuna watched as the image suddenly vanished, and the still water returned to its normal colours and reflections.
   “They understand what they do,” he muttered as he slowly shook his head.  “I had hoped…” Tozar ended his thought and turned his attention to Rhuna. 
“However, you are present, Rhuna, and I intended you to see by which means you may access information.  Behold, the Gazing of the Waters,” he said as he swept his hand over the small rock pool.  “A small amount of water shall suffice.  Should your words be correctly chosen and your skills led by wisdom and discernment, the Gazing of the Waters shall reveal all knowledge to you.”
“You mean me?” asked Rhuna astounded.  Tozar nodded with a smile.
   “I thought only the Masters could do those things that other people can’t do,” Rhuna said feeling puzzled.
   “This is true,” replied Tozar, “however, I believe you, also, possess the ability.” He looked at Rhuna intently.
   “But… but.. how could I?  I’m just a nothing, everyone always says so.  I don’t even belong here with my own people and relatives.  They all think I’m strange or stupid!” she said despairingly.

Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom

Read an excerpt:

In the distant past, when a utopian civilization built the pyramids and other megalithic structures using magical powers, an innocent young girl named Rhuna learns the truth about her father and the sinister enemy that caused his demise.

The idyllic community in which Rhuna flourishes and finds love is threatened again by this old nemesis, and only Rhuna possesses the special inherited skills to stop him.

This adventure, spanning over a decade in Rhuna's life, is set in our own world's mysterious past, from Easter Island’s scary statues to the pyramids of South America, and follows Rhuna’s education in the highly developed civilization known today as Atlantis.  

She learns to hone her innate abilities to summon visions and transform elements with the power of her mind, unaware that one day soon she will have to use all her newly-acquired skills  - and then some – to defeat the sinister threat to her peaceful  home.

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Rhuna's innocent childhood comes to an abrupt end when she learns that the father she never knew was from the fabled land of Atlan, where people have superhuman mental powers, and can summon visions using a calm body of water. 

She is taken to a school to develop her inherent abilities, and as she grows up, Rhuna also learns about the infamous Dark Master who continues to subvert and threaten the Atlan Empire.

It soon becomes apparent that only Rhuna has the special power to stop the Dark Master!