After sacrificing a life of comfort and security for her daughter’s sake, Rhuna and her family go into exile and start a new life in the former Atlan colony of Varappa.  This faraway land is a frontier of new technology such as air travel, loops in time and a society apparently flourishing without a governing body of any kind.  

On the surface, everyone appears to thrive in this liberated society, but this kind of free thinking is fertile ground for the Dark Master and his followers.   Just when Rhuna and her family settle into their beautiful new lakeside home, strange things begin to happen.  Powerful conjurers cause upheaval with their sinister magic, driving people from their homes.
An isolated society claiming to adhere to the ways of the First Atlans, appear to be fighting a losing battle against these followers of the Dark Master.  While attempting to find a diplomatic solution to the escalating conflict, Rhuna faces great challenges in her personal life. Aradin’s love for her has cooled off inexplicably, and Lozira’s emotional wellbeing teeters on a precarious threshold.  In desperation, Rhuna combines her magical powers and Varappan technology to do the unthinkable. What she does, however, is forbidden, and brings about a rift between her and her own father.  Rhuna may have headed down a path from which there is no turning back…

Rhuna: New Horizons

More about Rhuna: New Horizons

A strange and deadly new world awaits Rhuna and her family after being forced to flee their home in Rhuna: The Star Child.  Delighted by her discovery of wondrous air travel and time loops, Rhuna realizes too late that the Dark Master has secretly followed them. When he begins attacking those near and dear to Rhuna, the consequences shock the known world.  Could this finally be the end for the Dark Master?