When Rhuna arrives in the mysterious Land at the Top of the World with her family and friends, they keep hearing a local saying:  "...like searching for Shambala," meaning that it's a futile search because Shambala is impossible to find.  

But the people of the Land at the Top of the World have many stories about Shambala, and it is even called "The Valley of the Immortals".   

As Rhuna continues on her quest to find answers to her own problems, she learns that only very few people are considered worthy of finding and entering the mystical place called Shambala.

(Also known as Shambhala or Shangri-La - an idyllic place hidden in the Himalayas)

Shambala, the Valley of the Immortals 

Rhuna travels to the Land at the Top of the World in desperate hope that the Masters of Ancient Wisdom can undo what the Dark Master has done to her husband and daughter. She is devastated when they refuse to help, and horrified when they claim her youngest child as one of their own due to her ability to foresee the future.

Rhuna's last hope is to reach The Ascended Ones who live on a higher spiritual plane, but her journey is fraught with peril. A frightening entity called a tulpa, created from concentrated imagination, is determined to kill her before she reaches her goal.  Did the Dark Master survive Rhuna's attempt to destroy him, and is he after revenge by controlling this murderous tulpa?

The Valley of Immortals, known as Shambhala, holds many secrets, and only when Rhuna helps the Masters of Ancient Wisdom solve the mystery of continually changing history in the Depository of Archival Texts, is the shocking truth finally revealed…

Excerpt from Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer

“Maybe it is a tulpa,” Duga said slowly.
“I’ve heard that word before,” Rhuna said.  “What is it?”
Damell cleared his throat and looked sternly at Duga.
“It is…it is a form made of thoughts.  A thought-form!” Duga said, pleased that he could explain it in Rhuna’s language.
“It is concentrated mental energy,” Damell interrupted gruffly.  “Such intense concentration of mental energy that it appears real in the physical plane.”
“Oh,” said Rhuna, not fully comprehending yet. 
“That is possible?” asked Goram, his green eyes flashing with excitement and reverence. 
“Yes, it possible,” nodded Duga.  “Only some Masters can do it.  It take a lo-o-o-ng time to do!”
“Wait…” Rhuna said, trying to grasp the concept with her rattled mind.  “Like changing something in The Infinite…like I did with Kiana’s food so that it wouldn’t poison her…”
“Correct,” Damell snapped, anxious to bring an end to this topic of conversation.
“Only much more…” Rhuna said, wide-eyed.  “So that a real person can come into existence?”
“Not a real person,” Damell said quickly.  “A mass of concentrated mental energy that has the appearance of a person.”
“Yeah, like that,” said Duga smiling.
“And a tulpa can push someone off a cliff, or choke someone to death?” Lozira gasped.
“It is very rare,” Damell said sternly.
“But we have stories, we people of Sem Lungpa,” Duga quickly added.  “Stories from generations past, when Masters made tulpas, but they go bad.”
“Go bad?  Like…killing someone?”  Rhuna asked, looking back and forth between Duga and her father.
“It is superstitious talk,” Damell scoffed.
“This is extremely interesting!” Goram exclaimed.
“Can only the Masters of Ancient Wisdom make tulpas?” asked Yarqi, her dark eyes flashing with intense curiosity. 
“What is the purpose of a tulpa?” asked Mohandu.
“Enough!” Damell shouted, surprising everyone. 
Duga looked around at the stunned faces and simply shrugged his shoulders.
“We should rest now,” Damell said in a soft voice.  “In the morning, with refreshed minds, we shall continue investigating these unusual occurrences.”

Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer

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More about Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer

Rhuna's quest to find answers from Masters who reside on a higher spiritual plane takes her across the beautiful and ever-changing landscape of the Land at the Top of the World.  Two young guides take Rhuna and her family and friends to a small village at the base of a towering mountain, and despite the local people's scepticism, Rhuna is determined to find a way to the peak.  With her recently-acquired new powers and a little extra help, Rhuna succeeds in meeting The Ascended Ones, but their answers are cryptic, and she faces more challenges when she returns.