Rhuna travels to the Land at the Top of the World in the desperate hope that the Masters of Ancient Wisdom can undo what the Dark Master has done to her husband and daughter.   She is devastated when they refuse to help, and even claim her youngest child as one of their own due to her ability to foresee the future.

Rhuna's last hope is to reach The Ascended Ones who live on a higher spiritual plane, but a tulpa - a being made from one's concentrated visual imagination - is following her in an attempt to kill her.  Did the Dark Master survive Rhuna's attempt to destroy him and his evil Conjurers, and is he now seeking his revenge by controlling the murderous tulpa?

When the shocking truth is finally revealed, Rhuna faces unexpected revelations about the secret and mystical Shambhala: Valley of the Immortals, and she must help the Masters of Ancient Wisdom solve the unearthly mystery of the changing texts in their Depository of Archival Texts.

Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer

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Rhuna's quest to find answers from Masters who reside on a higher spiritual plane takes her across the beautiful and ever-changing landscape of the Land at the Top of the World.  Two young guides take Rhuna and her family and friends to a small village at the base of a towering mountain, and despite the local people's scepticism, Rhuna is determined to find a way to the peak.  With her recently-acquired new powers and a little extra help, Rhuna succeeds in meeting The Ascended Ones, but their answers are cryptic, and she faces more challenges when she returns.