This  man with the mysterious green eyes is Beacon of the Night, who knew Rhuna when she was much younger.  Now he is also in Safu, and has taken over as the new leader of the Dark Master's followers.  But that's not all!  Rhuna's life looks destined to be entwined with his, in the 3rd book, "Rhuna, The Star Child."

The people of Rhuna's world built megalithic sties to harness energy from the moon, as well as many other magical things.

Aradin, known as Keeper of Justice, is only part-Atlan, like Rhuna, and they have a great deal in common.   He lives in Safu and works in the legal profession, but Rhuna finds out that there is much, much more to him than that!

Safu, the most glorious colony of the Atlan Empire - also known today as Ancient Egypt - was the first distant assignment for Rhuna, but things did not turn out as expected...

The Dark Ones - the followers of The Dark Master, who also wear black robes in defiance of Atlan Masters'  white robes. 

Long after the Dark Master was killed, his followers keep appearing and claim that the Master directs them - but how is that possible?

Tozar, known as Harbinger of Solace, found Rhuna on her isolated island home and took her away with him to lead a much more fulfilling life. 

Although much older, Tozar is Rhuna's first love and they share many good years together.

Tozar becomes the most prominent member of the High Council of Atlan, which governs the whole Atlan Empire.

Rhuna's World is the legendary Atlantis, where highly advanced technology enabled the people to build colossal stone structures such as pyramids of all kinds, giant statues and other megaliths. 

According to one theory, Atlantis never sank, but is in South America, where historians say the megalith culture may have begun.  (see Atlantis in America)

Teotihuacan (pictured right) may have been the capital, with wide avenues and  highly advanced living conditions.  This is where Rhuna came to live as a young adult and finish her education.

Rhuna's World

The third book of the series, Rhuna, The Star Child, takes place a few years after Rhuna: Crossroads, and Rhuna now has a another daughter named Shandi.  Her father is Aradin, and she has inherited some special powers of her own!

This pretty blonde girl is Rhuna's teenage daughter, Lozira, who accompanies her on an assignment to Safu = Ancient Egypt.

At the end of the second book, Rhuna: Crossroads, a mysterious traveller arrives in Safu to meet Rhuna.  It is her long-lost father, believed to have been killed by the Dark Master when Rhuna was a small child! 

But why has he been hiding all these years?  And why is he acting so mysteriously?!  All will be revealed in the third book, Rhuna, The Star Child!

One of the Benshi people who live in the Commoners' part of the city, where Rhuna uses her special skills to help the poor.

The Reigning One - the leader of the Benshi people who inhabit the land of Safu, along with the Atlan population.

Rhuna thinks he is arrogant and rude, but during her time in Safu, she learns that there is more to him under his rigid exterior.

The people of Atlan were fair-skinned and had mostly blond and reddish hair.  The men wore beards, and women were equal with men in every aspect of life.

Tonga in the South Pacific boasts impressive megalithic ruins, and was no doubt part of the Atlan Empire.  This is where Rhuna spent her teenage years attending an Atlan school.

Rhuna was born and raised on Easter Island, where some renegade Atlans began making statues.  Tozar, formally named Harbinger of Solace, journeyed to this isolated outpost of the Atlan Empire to investigate.  He met Rhuna and recognized her part-Atlan heritage, and when the native Zao people became restless, Tozar escaped, taking Rhuna with him.

Living in Ancient Egypt, Rhuna adopts the fashion and make-up and looks as stunning as ever!

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More and more professionals are looking into this part of  history, and one of the best reading materials are Thor Heyerdahl's books.

Dozens of factual, historic records report Caucasian redheads all over the world such as  Peruvian mummies, and Captain Cook reported such people mixed with darker-skinned people living on Easter Island in the 1770s.

The Dark Master - the sinister enemy of the Atlan Empire, formerly known as Gather of Sage when he was a prominent Atlan Master.  But what went wrong?  And what does he really want?

A beautiful building like the one pictured left was the seat of government, the High Council of Atlan, of which  Rhuna and Tozar were members.

Pronunciation guide to names of characters

Rhuna           roo-nah (rhymes with ‘tuna’)
Aradin           ah-rah-din
Damell           da-mel (as in Mel Gibson)
Tozar             toh-zaar (rhymes with bazaar)
Lozira            loh-zee-rah
Goram            goh-ram
Shandi            shan-dee
Kiana              kee-ah-na
Yarqi              yah-r-kwee

Here she is:  Rhuna's daughter, Lozira, all grown up...and in love with the leader of the Dark Master's followers!   This romance has unexpected and severe consequences, which force Rhuna to make great personal sacrifices for her loved ones.  Get "Rhuna, The Star Child" to read all about it!

This picture shows how  Aradin may look

Rhuna and her family and fellow Atlans must leave Safu at the end of Book 3, and they are forced to go to Varappa, which will take several weeks by ship.  What awaits them in this distant and exotic land?!

In the third book, Rhuna learns wonderful and amazing things from her father, Damell.    She learns how to access and harness deeper and greater mental powers that she never knew were possible!  But she will need them to defeat the followers of the Dark Master who have become active again in Safu/Ancient Egypt with a new kind of sinister magic!

Qualified Atlan Masters wore white robes, and they were mostly fair-skinned with light or reddish hair.

When Rhuna and her family are forced to leave Safu and travel to faraway Varappa by ship, this enigmatic man is the "Commander".  But is he much more than just the captain of a fleet of ships??

Meet Uxbana, the Queen of the Ubanti people, whose land is south of Egypt,  further up the Nile River.  The Ubanti want to trade and share Atlan knowledge, but there are certain people who are trying to prevent this, for their own selfish ends.  What will Queen Uxbana do about it?