Rhuna’s mother and a native of the isolated island, Chinza.  As such, Kiana has dark hair and brown skin, like most Zao (Polynesian/Easter Islander) people.  She died from food poisoning, but Rhuna found a way to change events of the past to prevent her death.  She then travelled to Chinza to bring her mother back to live with her in Varappa.

Kiana joins the series in Book 4  Rhuna: New Horizons​

The Atlans

Dozens of factual, historic records report Caucasian redheads all over the world, and Captain Cook reported such people mixed with darker-skinned people living on Easter Island in the 1770s.  Therefore, let us assume that the people of Atlantis were these seafaring Caucasians with advanced technology.

The people of Atlan were fair-skinned and had mostly blond and reddish hair.  The men wore beards, and women were equal with men in every aspect of life. Qualified Atlan Masters wore white robes, and they had an efficient form of government such as the High Council of Atlán.

Aradin, Keeper of Justice
Aradin is only part-Atlan, like Rhuna, and they have a great deal in common.   He is also part Varappan but lives in Safu and works in the legal profession.  When Rhuna first met and fell in love with him, he was part of The Observers; a group of skilled Atlans who spied on the Dark Ones to inform the Atlan High Council and eventually stop the Dark Master.

Aradin joins the series in Book 2 - Rhuna: Crossroads

A big, muscular bald man who served in The Reigning One’s Army in Safu for most of his life.  He met Rhuna when he carried her sedan chair through the city, and there was instant rapport between him and little Shandi.  When the Atlans were forced to leave Safu, he decided to go with Rhuna and her group to protect them, especially the special child, Shandi.

Panapu accompanies Rhuna and Shandi from Book 3 onward.

Yarqi, Seeker of Knowledge
A dark-haired woman around forty with a mysterious past.  She is of part Atlan descent, like Rhuna, and has various unusual powers.   She associated with the Dark Master’s followers, alongside Charmer of Snakes (Mohandu) until she realized her mistake.   

She met up with Rhuna in Book 3 - Rhuna, The Star Child

(Tonga, South Pacific)

Tonga is a small group of islands in the South Pacific, and boasts some impressive megalithic ruins.   Along with Easter Island, the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti, Tonga could well have been part of an ancient megalithic empire.  Therefore, this is where Rhuna spent her teenage years attending an Atlan school.

The short story, The Summer Sojourn is set in Medíz.

Read more about Tonga’s ruins in a blog post article.

Tarita Teriipaia: photo by Luis Marden


According to many legends, Ancient Egypt had close connections to Atlantis.  As a colony of the ancient Atlan Empire, Rhuna travels to Safu/Egypt as a representative of the Atlan High Council but finds more than just pyramids there!   Ancient Egypt is also known as the cradle of Magic, including Black Magic such as practiced by the Dark Master.

Both Rhuna: Crossroads and Rhuna, The Star Child are set in Safu (Ancient Egypt)

Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom

roo-nah (rhymes with ‘tuna’)

Rhuna’s father was a fair-skinned Atlan, and her mother a brown-skinned native of Easter Island.  That would make Rhuna a light-skinned Polynesian.  She inherited many Atlan powers from her father which she only discovered in her adolescence and young adulthood.  Later, she receives extra powers when she enters a special secret chamber inside the great pyramid of Safu. 


Rhuna's World is the legendary Atlantis, where highly advanced technology enabled the people to build colossal stone structures such as pyramids, giant statues and other megalithic structures. 

According to one theory, Atlantis never sank, but is in South America, where historians say the megalith culture may have begun. 

Teotihuacan (pictured right) may have been the capital, with wide avenues and  highly advanced living conditions.  This is where Rhuna came to live as a young adult and finish her education.

Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom describes the Atlan city and Empire.

Mohandu, Charmer of Snakes
A young man around thirty, born of Atlan and Varappan heritage.  He was a follower of the Dark Master, alongside Progress of the Wind and Seeker of Knowledge (Yarqi) until he changed his outlook on what is good and bad.

He joined Rhuna's party in Book 3 - Rhuna, The Star Child

Rhuna's World

Land of Ling-Yu


China is a land rich in ancient history, with advanced technology and culture.  There is evidence of megalithic structures such as pyramids and ancient tombs; the famous Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall and many unique cultural aspects.  A fascinating place for Rhuna to visit in:

Rhuna, The Peacemaker

Damell, Avenger of Justice
dah-mel (as in Mel Gibson)
Rhuna’s father, believed to have been killed by the Dark Master before Rhuna was born, but who had lived in hiding, learning many special and secret skills.  He joined Rhuna in Safu to pass on his skills so that they would both be better equipped to fight and defeat the Dark Master and his followers.

Damell joins the series in Book 3: Rhuna, The Star Child


Land at the Top of the World

Even today, Tibet is known as the roof of the world, and it is still a land full of mystery and the supernatural.  For many, it is also the centre of spiritual enlightenment, as well as holding the records of the world’s history in a secret library hidden in the Himalayas!

Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer is set in this Land at the Top of the World (Tibet)

Goram, Beacon of the Night
An Atlan man with enigmatic green eyes, Goram was once Rhuna’s teacher in Atlán until he was expelled from Atlan society.  He ended up as a leader of the Dark Master’s followers, but changed his ways when he fell in love with Rhuna’s daughter, Lozira.

Goram is in the first book, Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom, and then rejoins the series in Rhuna, The Star Child.


Ruins of the ancient Harappan civilization are found in what is now northern India and Pakistan, and this is where culture has advanced further than in the Land of Atlán.  Ancient Indian/Vedic texts talk about Vimanas which are flying craft used in ancient times.   These texts also describe nuclear warfare and advanced technology like the legend of Atlantis.

Rhuna: New Horizons is set in Varappa/Ancient India

(Easter Island)

Rhuna was born and raised on Chinza (based on Easter Island), where some renegade Atlans began making statues.  Tozar, formally named Harbinger of Solace, journeyed to this isolated outpost of the Atlan Empire to investigate.  He met Rhuna and recognized her part-Atlan heritage, and when the native Zao people became restless, Tozar escaped, taking Rhuna with him.

(see the first quarter of Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom)


Goll is an exceptionally talented and intelligent albino man who lived his entire life in the Depository of Archival Texts in the Land at the Top of the World.  His skills and knowledge of seven languages make him an ideal member of Rhuna's team as they combat the Dark Master.

Goll joins the team in the 5th book, Rhuna, The Snow Dreamer


The RHUNA series is based on theories about the megalithic culture of the ancient world.   Pyramids and other megalithic structures have been found on almost all continents, leading many to theorize about an ancient world empire such as Atlantis.

The Dark Master (Gatherer of Sage)

Gatherer of Sage was once a respected and skilful Atlan Master until his thinking diverged from the Atlan Way and he rebelled against the Empire.  He began wearing a black robe to symbolize his opposition to the white robes of Atlan Masters.  He roamed the Empire, turning people against the Atlans while finding ways to expand his powers.

 Lozira, Melody of the Dawn
Lozira is Rhuna’s eldest daughter and her child with Tozar when they lived in the City of Atlán.  Lozira accompanied Rhuna to Safu/Ancient Egypt when she was fifteen years old, and later defied her father, Tozar, by returning to Safu by herself as a young adult.  Soon thereafter she met Goram, Beacon of the Night and fell in love with the much older man.

Lozira joins the series in Book 2 - Rhuna: Crossroads

Rhuna’s second daughter and child with Aradin while living in Safu.  As soon as she is able to talk it becomes apparent that she has the very special gift of foresight.

Shandi joins the series in Book 3; Rhuna, The Star Child

The Black City
​(Khara Khoto, Mongolia)

The ruins of Khara Khoto (which means "Black City" in Mongolian) really does exist on the edge of the Gobi Desert, and it is the setting for the Dark Master's most awe-inspiring feat so far:  travelling back in time!   In real life, the legends surrounding Khara Khoto are full of ancient magic and stories of the ruins being haunted!

Rhuna: Black City
 is about Khara Khoto and the surrounding area in China/Mongolia.

Tozar, Harbinger of Solace
 toh-zaar (rhymes with bazaar)
Tozar found Rhuna on her isolated island home and took her away with him to lead a much more fulfilling life.  Although much older, Tozar is Rhuna's first love and they share many good years together.  Tozar becomes the most prominent member of the High Council of Atlan, which governs the whole Atlan Empire.

Tozar is in the first three books: Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom, Rhuna: Crossroads and Rhuna, The Star Child, and makes an unforgettable return in Rhuna: Black City.