When I finished the first book, I realized that there was still so much more material to use, such as the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Ancient India and even Tibet and China.  I love learning more about these ancient civilizations and the myths, legends and theories about them.   It's both a challenge and a privilege to combine all these elements and make an entertaining and satisfying series!

In India, 1995

I couldn't go to Egypt or South America to see the most famous pyramids, but I made it to nearby Tonga, where impressive ruins of megalithic structures can be seen.

What Inspired me:

Reading Thor Heyerdahl's book Aku Aku The Mystery of Easter Island  made me realize that there are so many unexplained things in the world, so I began to read all books I could find about similar subjects.  Then I ventured into the realm of myths, legends and New Age themes such as ancient beliefs that an advanced people with supernatural powers built the pyramids and megalithic structures around the world (Atlantis) and that they could transform metals (ie Alchemy) and perform other extraordinary feats.

One day it all came together...

and I began writing about all the things that fascinated me:  a utopian civilization like Atlantis whose citizens had special superhuman powers, and the idea that Easter Island and other Pacific islands like Tonga where megalithic structures have been found, were all part of this ancient worldwide empire.

A few general things about me:

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and am now living in Tumut,  a lovely peaceful town in rural NSW.  Writing has always been one of my passions since early school days, and later, when I had time after work, I did a course in professional writing.  This led to having a few short stories published, but what I really wanted to do, eventually, was to write a book. Or two...

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