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A series of short stories to complement the main full-length novel series, A Quest for Ancient Wisdom

This short story describes an event in Rhuna's life that takes place in the middle of Winter when the Atlan people celebrate a festival very similar to our modern-day Christmas.

The time of this event is between the first full-length book (Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom) and the second book (Rhuna: Crossroads) when Rhuna has a 10-year-old daughter. When heavy snow traps a group of people in the mountains near the City of Atlan, Rhuna discovers another aspect of her mental powers which can save them.

In this short novella, Rhuna attends a special school on a lovely Pacific island, and during the summer break, she visits a nearby island where she mingles with the native residents. Everything appears fine on the surface until one terrifying night in which Rhuna and her group must flee from the island or be killed in a brutal uprising.

Rhuna and her fellow Atlans are shocked to learn about the lie and the events which led to this conflict between two very different groups of people.

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The Rhuna Tales

Short Story 2

The Celebration

Time:  When Rhuna's daughter is 10 years old

Place:  The City of Atlan

Short Story 1

The Summer Sojourn

Time:  Rhuna's adolescence

Place:  Mediz, a tropical island where Rhuna attended an Atlan School.